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PIT projects

punctual interventions to save historic buildings in serious danger of deterioration | restoration of small heritage (historic gates, doors and windows) educating the public on the cultural and economic importance of heritage 

Securing the fortified church in Vermeș

In order to stop the collapse of the structure at the late Gothic church, security works were carried out by making a temporary covering to the apse of the choir (partially collapsed in February 2022).  Major repairs and consolidations to the roof and walls of the choir follow.

Cristi Moldovan_Vermes_2022-7.jpg

Intervention at the Neo-Gothic Church in Chiraleș

Due to the danger of ruin, this church, which reminds us of Normandy and the Rhine Valley, is now used as a concert and exhibition hall.

Chirales lansare interior1.jpg

Campaign to save Cinema 23 Omnia

One of the few Art Nouveau buildings in Bistrita has been saved from demolition and is to be transformed into a cultural center / theater.


Adopt a Gate Campaign

In order to prevent the risk of replacing the secular doors in the historic center of Bistrita with laminated wooden doors without heritage value, we initiated a restoration project of the 18th - 19th century gates - by accredited specialists with the financial participation of the community. 

poarta verde.jpg

Educating the public and young people

Restoration demonstrations with the participation of the public interested in the city's events.

educare tineri.jpg

Continuous development and training of an intervention team

Development and continuous training of an intervention team with essential techniques for security and restoration: construction carpentry, blacksmithing, locksmithing, stucco, “small” carpentry (doors, windows, shutters).

formare specialisti.jpg

Free consultation on old building rehabilitation projects

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